the greengrocer’s

The lazy blog-readers’ version to this post: Confusing.

The long version
That’s what I felt after I’ve been to the greengrocer’s @ Greensborough Plaza.
Now the word greengrocer suggests someone who sells green stuff and green stuff alone and I meant green as in the colour green not as in innocent green. Anyway, half of the stuff in the shop are red or yellow so it doesn’t make sense, it’s misleading. If I’m to be a dictator (which I won’t be) the first thing I’ll do is to decree that all greengrocer’s should change their names into red-yellow-and-green-grocers’ or fruit and veg traders or some other names that reflect the nature of the things they sell.
Anyway, that’s not what’s so confusing about my trip to the greengrocer’s. What’s confusing was the naming of different types of fruits, especially peaches. The shop has 2 types of peaches, the large peaches and the small peaches. However, the large peaches aren’t much larger than the small peaches and the small peaches aren’t exactly smaller than the large peaches. In other words, they are exactly the same size! Maybe once upon a time, before artificial fertilizers were invented or before peaches are genetically modified or when homo sapiens were still hunters-gatherers, these 2 types of peaches might have been of different sizes but now what’s different about them are the colours and maybe the price. The large peaches are yellow and the small peaches are red and more expensive. Now, wouldn’t it be easier if greengrocer’s would refer to them as the red peaches and the yellow peaches or the expensive peaches and the cheap peaches?
Oh well, not that the names make any difference to the peaches I bought my sister bought (I should have pointed out that I would never take the initiative to visit a greengrocer’s let alone buying something from one since my preferred snack food is chips). Our family’s motto is “thrifty-ness is a virtue” so you go figure what type of peaches we bought :). It’s just that the names have failed miserably at describing the fruit that’s all. And I love it when something fails miserably being “truevil” and all (muh ha ha ha ha evil laugh).

By the way, I do know that greengrocer is someone who sells fruits and vegs, just wanted to point out the occasional weirdness in English just like when a house has to “burnt up” before it can be called “burnt to the ground” or when a pianist is a person who plays the piano whereas a racist isn’t a person who races.


One Response to “the greengrocer’s”

  1. Nhan Says:

    haha i like your comparison between a pianist and racist!

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