I can’t seem to write regularly. Wait, I do write regularly, every 3 days or so but not regularly enough for my standard. Anyway, why am I worrying about writing regularly at all? Last time I checked (3 minutes ago) nobody’s been reading this except for me, my sis, and my friend Nhan. Hey Nhan, dude, thanks for the comment!
So what kept me from writing regularly? Well, if you’ve been here often you’d notice that I’ve been tweaking and changing my template like I change clothes. I’ve gone from one blank background to one horribly weird background and back to the blank background. I can’t seem to find a good enough background that’s better than same-old white. And now I’m starting to hate the banner (so I probably should just not go to read my blog anymore.
I’ve established a reading pattern. I’m reading a book a day again. Previously in December I was reading a book every 3 days. I’ve just finished my 9th book this year and I have about a dozen books borrowed from the local library waiting to be read. My motto? I’ve already mentioned it a while ago: "get busy living or get busy reading". It’s inspired by Shawshank Redemption by the way (is it shawshank or shawshink? Can’t really remember, it sounds like shawshank anyway).
Currently reading: some weird fantasy book that I would probably stop reading in another hour or so due to excessive weirdness in the plot!


One Response to “Update”

  1. Nhan Says:

    you’re welcome~!!!

    nha u should stop reading those fantasy books haha…get in touch with the real world and watch korean dramas like me! *grins*

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