DIY evaporative cooling system XD

Alright, without air con in this hell of temperature I had to find another alternative. Since the house was like an oven (that has been turned on mind you) I had to find a way to cool myself down. Nothing works except for surprise surprise the air con. Anyway, I should have said nothing work until I invented this evaporative cooling system. This is the perfect solution for the heat without having to fork out hundreds of dollars for an air con system. This will set you off about 20 bucks really. Here’s how to do it.
– One functioning hand (does not matter which one or from whom)
– water
– water sprayer
– use the hand to grab the water sprayer (I said ‘the’ hand because you can ask someone to help)
– spray water onto your skin
– leave the water there until it evaporate
– now your body temperature must have decreased by at least 0.1 degree C.
The science behind this:
Water evaporate by absorbing heat from your skin. When the water evaporates, some heat is lost from the skin surface thus you feel cooler.
Have fun cooling yourself! XD



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