Completely new!!!

Hah, I’ve finished my blog template. The template was inspired by my doodles during English lessons. So what kind of doodles can you get from someone who is bored + has no talent in drawing + has no artistic sense whatsoever? Well, see for yourself this what you get.

Someone told me if I learn a word a day, I will probably become a very … um, what’s that word that means wordy?, is wordy even a word??, well, you get what I mean. I should have done that before I finished my last ever English essay during the VCE exam, I did try actually, I subscribed to the a word a day thing at for 6 months and got abosolutely irrelevant vocabulary. The last word I received was “necrophiliac”, now tell me where I can use this word in any of my essays?? I did Tess of the d’urberville and the third man and none of the characters in any of the texts has anything to do with corpses let alone sexually attraction!! Well, when I come to think about that, there’s actually an extremely minor character in “the third man” that actually did have interaction with a corpse. When I said extremely minor I meant it, you only see that character for about 1 second in one of the first scenes with some Viennese ransacking a corpse. The point is I cannot work any of the words that I got from that daily email service into any of my essays.
Anyway, I tried again this morning and got a pretty useful word: quiddity, which means the essence or nature of a thing. Now all I have to do is to put this word to work (like it’s that easy!)

I went to read some online news today since I’m too thrifty to buy a newspaper and too lazy to drag my bum to a newsagent anyway in this heat (I’m not dragging my bum anywhere actually even if it’s a glorious 20 C outside). Anyway, there’s this, in my opinion, idiot who’s run from the US to Iraq. What kind of idiot would go from, possibly, the best country in the world to , possibly, the worst country in the world?? And he doesn’t even speak Arabic. If he wants to kill himself, there are quick, possibly cheaper and possibly painless ways. (source)
In other news: Spielberg outrages terrorist. I suppose this is big news since no one except the US administration dare to outrage terrorists these days (well, maybe John Howard does but no one cares what John Howard says anyway). So after outraging the Nazi by Schindlers’ list, and the dinosaurs by Jurassic Park, Spielberg has done it again and outrages terrorist with Munich. The world is just B-E-Autiful.

Currently reading: wolfblade by Jennifer Fallon
The book I talked about in the last post is Nightpeople by Anthony Eaton. Awesome book, if you like fantasy that is.
Currently doing: sitting in my room being fried alive by the summer temperature due to the lack of air con. That’s not so bad though, it’s only 37 C today.
Currently listening to: I want it that way by BSB. This is embarassing to confess but I actually like it after 3 years of not listen to this song. I guess everybody likes some cheesy song once in a while, huh?


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