Get busy living or get busy ….

In my case I would say reading. That’s my motto really since I have so much free time on my hands.
Currently reading: some fantasy book that’s too absorbing for me to remember the title. I’m not being sarcastic!! I’ll post the title later when I finish the book. The last book I finished was “The magic circle” by Katherine Neville. Don’t let the title fool you because this is a fantastic book. If you like the “Da Vinci code” this one’ll get you hooked. I think this is way better. Got a very very complicated plot mostly because of the family relationships of the main character.

I saw this very disturbing t-shirt while going shopping. Didn’t have time to take a photo of it but the message on the it was: I’ve got a PhD* (pretty huge dick). Now I’m sure that the person who’s gonna buy this will be:

  1. professional porn star with a PhD
  2. extremely confident about his PhD or
  3. just like to boast about his PsD

What is it with rude messages on t-shirt?? Why would someone want to wear such a t-shirt anyway???

Currently doing: typing this at a library computer terminal.


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