the day before Christmas

I believe we have truly forgotten the true meaning of Christmas which is the birth of Santa Claus. Or else, we wouldn’t demand presents from that old man on his birthday, would we?
I know it’s not funny anymore when I repeat a joke from the Simpsons but hey, blame it on Ten. They rerun and rerun and rerun the Simpsons till every joke sounds like an old cassette tape.
However, I still believe that we, or at least I, have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. But when I come to think about that, I didn’t learn the true meaning of Christmas in the first place so I can’t claim to have forgotten something I don’t know. Tough!

I have finally been motivated enough to try to learn CSS in the past 2 days. The language is not very difficult. Found hundreds of tutorials on the internet, it’s a shame that only one or two of them are free, the rest are just snipet of the real thing. Where is the spirit of FREEBIES on the internet people? Indeed, the internet has turned into a big advertising space.
I did some motifications to my blog template. Now my blog is a little bit different from the blog of someone else who uses the same template. Great job dude, I can see the personality coming through. (In case you haven’t noticed I’m being sarcastic).
I’ll have a complete overhaul of this blog in a few days time. Maybe just in time for the new year. Really looking forward to that.

Thought of the day: why is the day after Christmas called “Boxing day”? Is it because it’s the day after Christmas and people have to clean up their opened presents and “box” stuff away? Or maybe it has something to do with people go to all the boxing day sale and get stuff “boxed” away from the stores. This is still open for further discussion.

Coming soon:

  • New blog interface
  • Statistics of ’04
  • New year resolutions!!!
  • And more

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