Shopping trip

5 days before Christmas, I went shopping. Not that I really wanted to go shopping or that I want to buy me or anyone else anything. I was dragged to a shopping centre nevertheless. Thing was, my sister wanted a blender, my Mum brought home a food processor, the good guys shops don’t open till 6 pm (which is the time my Mum would get there after work) so I had to return that damn food processor to the good guys Northland since I have a yearly metcard. Simple really. The thing that’s not so simple is the trip there. I live in Montmorency which is near Greensborough so I went to Greensborough Plaza to catch a bus to Northland and there are at least 3 buses that go to Northland from Greensborough and the usual bus would take about 30 minutes to get to Northland. However, we saw another bus and jumped on instead of waiting for the usual bus. So we caught a 563 bus which goes to Northland via South Morang. We had our little minds on the destination not the trip. Well, it took the old bus 70 minutes to get there.
That was ridiculous. Another ridiculous thing about that trip was Diamond Valley. Ok, what do you think when you hear that name Diamond Valley?? Me, I think it’s a name of a green, luscious VALLEY. Oh man how wrong was I. That suburb should be named Diamond Mountains. The whole suburb is fulled of mini mountains the damn bus had to climb so many of those. I felt sorry for that bus, I thought it wouldn’t make it to the top of some of the mini mountains and it would come tumbling down and we passengers would come to a horrible death at the damn VALLEY.
Ok, where was I? I had to go shopping against my will and I bought this.

Image hosted by

I needed an alarm clock anyway and I saw this ipod look-alike alarm clock and the rest is history. Btw, there’s this funny thing about the ipod I saw while surfing. Have fun. It’s called the iPod Zepto

Ok, back to the damn trip. That bus took so long to get to Northland and I learned some very useless things along the way:
– There can be farms less than 100 km from the CBD. Actually about 20km from where I live so that’s very near the CBD.
– I don’t know all the farm animals. I saw these animals and I don’t know what they are. From a distance they look like a cross between lamas and deer. You go figure what they are.
– the view is just like the outback. Here’s a picture to prove my point. It’s not the best picture but it’s the only one so you’ll have to deal with that. I got the camera out too late so I could only get this picture.

Image hosted by

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