My sister bought a book on motivation the other day. It’s called 100 ways to motivate yourself or some such titles. Anyway, read it. I must admit that it’s very insprirational. Now I’m truly motivated to do nothing. I can’t find anything that I like to do so I’m doing nothing except for mindless wandering on the internet.
My mindless wandering trips on the internet brought me to this conclusion: the internet is really just a big bin of junks. 80% of the sites have something they want to sell to you, the other 20% contains the rest of the internet, email messages, forums, jihad groups, terrorist orgnisations….
Anyway, I found myself so often these days on ebay. I think I’ve finally found my love in online auctions. I won only one and if I have enough money saved I would be there even more often.
Another conclusion I’ve drawn out from my wandering: I can actually survive on a dial-up connection. Everything’s still available, it just takes a little bit more time. Usually about 20 times slower than a broadband connection. Anyhow, it’s an advantage really, no one seems to try to hijack my internet service of a snail and I’ve avoided so many phone calls these days.


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