Bored little brain

I’m bored! What am I doing now? Boring myself to death I suppose.
Ever got paid doing surveys online? I think online surveys are the best type of survey in the world. I never really thought that before but last week I was stuck in a shopping centre for half an hour doing a survey just to get a new box of chocolate that hasn’t been sold in Australia yet. The experience was just appalling. Really, surveys are designed so that they repeat themselves over and over again, with online survey you can glance at the question and just pick an answer, with real surveys, you have to tell the survey person what you want, I believe it would take me 5 minutes to do that damn chocolate survey online. And then there’s the follow up phone survey which is even more appalling.
I also like online survey because of the fact that you obviously can lie. Online surveys usually are sent to subscribed user, when a user receives an invitation, that user can lie their head off to complete the survey to get the money. Seriously, I know people who pretend to be middle-aged beer drinking men when they are obviously young teenage girls just to get to finish the damn survey. That’s the thing you cannot do if you do a survey in person in the middle of a freaking shopping centre.

Ok, I’ve finished the damn survey. It’s 11am now so I should be doing something pretty soon. What have I done since I woke up? Well nothing really I woke at 9am, lie in bed doing nothing until 10am. Got up and finished breakfast at 1030. got online and did a survey til now. Life is pathetic.


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