First entry here, second one ever

Ok, thanks to my sloppy passwords managing skills or lack thereof, my sister knew about the existence of my blog. So big deal. The whole point of having a blog is that other people can read about your opinion right? Yes and No. Other people is fine by me as long as there’s no potential of me ever seeing these “other people”. My sister is a big NO NO. So that’s it, say goodbye to Hollywood, oops I mean my last blog. Here’s the new hope, I mean the new start. A grand spanking new blog that has a potential of no one ever reading it. Face it, there’s about 3 billion blogs out there. How do I know? Well, it’s a bit of rough guess work. Let’s see, there’s 6 billion people out there the last time someone cares enough to count. Minus some for being too young or too old to be into this blogging stuff. Minus some more for not knowing how to use the internet, minus some more for not knowing how to use the computer, minus some few millions in China where there’s no free speech ie. no opinion being voiced (according to the Bush administration that is). Add some more because some people keep more than one blog so 3 billion isn’t much after all.
Yeah this blog has pretty bleak prospects. See, it will have good prospects if I’m someone even a little bit strange or more than normal but I’m so helplessly, desparately NORMAL. I don’t have a dysfunctional family, I don’t have genius IQ (even though I would love to be otherwise) and I have a misleading blog address.
If anyone out there cares enough to read this I suppose you’d love to read my other blog which is much darker. Litterally coz I used black background and also because I wrote that one when I was a little bit depressed. It’s at Still love that name but it can’t be helped. I don’t want my opinion being scrutinised by my own sister thank you. That’s a bit too close for comfort.


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